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In Iris: A Cooperative Micro Game, players will work together to manage human populations and rebellious clone work forces while settling four newly discovered planets. Players have the goal of minimizing clone attacks and maximizing human survival rates. The game has major puzzle and memory mechanics that forces players to rely on one another for both game play decisions and remembering details. Iris takes the tension, collaboration, and challenge of larger cooperative games and puts them into an elegant 20 minute micro game.



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Captive Publishing is a board game publishing and design house started in 2015 and run by Dustin Vance. Captive Publishing produces short run board games that are printed and sold in the United States. Dustin works on 1 to 2 projects per year and strives to create games with captivating themes and innovative mechanics that force players to make new, difficult decisions and bring them closer to the players around them.







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